I’ve spent a lot of time and effort into this WKC project that begins in February.
But during this course, my passion which I felt is over and I got a lot of stressed. ;(
Because I’m not good at English, and there was no time.

But every task is finished!
Therefore, I’m going to self-evaluation and try back on my process.


Did I work according to plan?

스크린샷 2015-02-21 오후 4.30.56

스크린샷 2015-02-21 오후 4.31.04

– Things that did well

1. I met with a photographer on the dot and moved to a shooting place.
Probably it’s due to a flexible schedule 🙂

2. I made sure to check the permission carefully before shooting
: In particular, Seodaemun Prison History Hall!

In the Seodaemun Prison History Hall, there are a area that should not be take pictures and can be take pictures but not pop the plash. So I had to read the precautions before shooting.


1. I couldn’t keep the whole plan.

In my opinion, my shooting time is too short. The shooting time was delayed, moreover, the sun was decline too early. So I couldn’t shoot Bukchon Hanok Village… 😦

2. I didn’t write the diary.

To be honest, I was annoying to write a diary.

So I proceed the Task 3 without writing a diary. There was no inconvenience, but if I wrote the diary, could I create a web site more efficiently?

2. deadline

Did I keep a deadline well?

Well, it’s a toss-up. I did my best, but I had a slump.

I decided to use a ‘To do list’ and a ‘Gantt chart’ when I’ve been studied <Time Management>.
And I made them! But… looking back on my process, there is nothing properly followed. Although the deadline has barely kept, it was not an efficient process.

3. overall

스크린샷 2015-04-05 오후 3.03.02

– if I could restart this project

1. Flexible schedule

Shooting can cost much more time than I thought. Therefore I should plan a leisurely moving time as well as shooting time. In addition, I will start the shooting earlier in case of weather or other circumstances!

2. With friends

The most difficult thing was ‘Alone’. I can be more fun with friend!

3. Effective Time Management

I want to keep the deadlines relaxedly through effective time management.
What about hang the Gantt chart and To do list on the wall can be seen frequently?


It was a very long-long time and it was time for me to good of an unforgettable experience. 😀 Good Bye!