I’ve spent a lot of time and effort into this WKC project that begins in February.
But during this course, my passion which I felt is over and I got a lot of stressed. ;(
Because I’m not good at English, and there was no time.

But every task is finished!
Therefore, I’m going to self-evaluation and try back on my process.


Did I work according to plan?

스크린샷 2015-02-21 오후 4.30.56

스크린샷 2015-02-21 오후 4.31.04

– Things that did well

1. I met with a photographer on the dot and moved to a shooting place.
Probably it’s due to a flexible schedule 🙂

2. I made sure to check the permission carefully before shooting
: In particular, Seodaemun Prison History Hall!

In the Seodaemun Prison History Hall, there are a area that should not be take pictures and can be take pictures but not pop the plash. So I had to read the precautions before shooting.


1. I couldn’t keep the whole plan.

In my opinion, my shooting time is too short. The shooting time was delayed, moreover, the sun was decline too early. So I couldn’t shoot Bukchon Hanok Village… 😦

2. I didn’t write the diary.

To be honest, I was annoying to write a diary.

So I proceed the Task 3 without writing a diary. There was no inconvenience, but if I wrote the diary, could I create a web site more efficiently?

2. deadline

Did I keep a deadline well?

Well, it’s a toss-up. I did my best, but I had a slump.

I decided to use a ‘To do list’ and a ‘Gantt chart’ when I’ve been studied <Time Management>.
And I made them! But… looking back on my process, there is nothing properly followed. Although the deadline has barely kept, it was not an efficient process.

3. overall

스크린샷 2015-04-05 오후 3.03.02

– if I could restart this project

1. Flexible schedule

Shooting can cost much more time than I thought. Therefore I should plan a leisurely moving time as well as shooting time. In addition, I will start the shooting earlier in case of weather or other circumstances!

2. With friends

The most difficult thing was ‘Alone’. I can be more fun with friend!

3. Effective Time Management

I want to keep the deadlines relaxedly through effective time management.
What about hang the Gantt chart and To do list on the wall can be seen frequently?


It was a very long-long time and it was time for me to good of an unforgettable experience. 😀 Good Bye!


Making the detail menu

I made three image buttons on the main page.
Now it’s time to make detail menus on the each page. It’s very simple!
Because the Wix provides the function to add a menu.

스크린샷 2015-04-05 오후 1.32.32

Menu structure was created in TASK 3

Just a few days ago, I created a menu structure.
Therefore, I don’t have to worry. 🙂

스크린샷 2015-04-05 오후 1.44.15 스크린샷 2015-04-05 오후 1.29.30 스크린샷 2015-04-05 오후 1.29.39

Originally, these detail menus were located on the top of my storyboard.

But I changed it in the production process. I placed main menus : Home, About, Tip on the top, and placed detail menus on the left of my web site.

In my opinion, this method is much better for users.

Making the Image Button

It’s time to make the image button!
I need three image button 🙂
These three image buttons are needed to sent main page to each page.

Then, let’s make the image button!!

스크린샷 2015-02-27 오후 3.01.04

One of my story board

I’ll create the button using photos of Seodaemun Prison, Insadong and Bukchon Hanok Village.
And in Wix, I should make default view, mouse over view and click view.

Sentence of a part that was written at Unit 2 Storyboard

Sentence of a part that was written at Unit 2 Storyboard

And I follow the condition that I had written.
I think it’s very easy effect. Just control the opacity!

스크린샷 2015-04-04 오후 9.08.43 스크린샷 2015-04-04 오후 9.08.59

Now I have a two images : clear, and blur!

스크린샷 2015-04-04 오후 9.14.04

As my condition, I set the blur image to the default view, and the clear image to the mouse over view and click View!

In this way, I made three image buttons!

Put my mouse over the image button of Seodaemun Prison

Put my mouse over the image button of Seodaemun Prison History Hall

Editing the design

In Task 2, I had made a mood board and storyboard.
But during the design, I felt I needed a change. So I change the basic structure and details.

1. Background

When I had made a mood board and the storyboard, I didn’t think about the background.
But I thought it’s too simple. Therefore, I decided to add the background color.





I insert the light brown color at header.

And why did I only add color at the header? not the whole page?
Well, I tried to add color at the whole page. But It was too bored.
It’s more beautiful when I insert color partially.
I think it’s very simple and comfortable to eyes 🙂

2. Font

The Wix offers many beautiful fonts ❤
But I think that using too many fonts is coming up the confusion.
So I choose three fonts.

스크린샷 2015-04-04 오후 5.33.02

Two main fonts

I love these fonts!
Overlock’s readability is perfect.
On the other hand, Nimbus Sans‘s readability is not good as overlock. But it’s very beautiful.

One minor font

One minor font

And Enriqueta’s readability and beauty is excellent.
However, Its atmosphere is not to fit properly to my website.

So I decided to use this adjectively.

3. menu

I fix the menu.


Seodaemun Prison History Hall


Bukchon Hanok Village



Location of SPHH

Location of Insadong

Location of BHV


Food of SPHH

Food of Insadong

Food of BHV

Shopping of Insadong

Shopping of BHV

Interesting things of SPHH

Interestin things of Insadong

Interesting things of BHV


Treasure of SPHH

Treasure of Insadong

Treasure of BHV

I make the each menu has same detail menu.

In the Seodaemun Prison History Hall, there is no place to go shopping.
So I remove shopping menu in the SPHH.

And add the ‘tip’ menu.

In this menu, I’m going to publish the etiquette to be observed and useful expressions.

Making the Logo

The logo is to represent my website. It always exists in my website.
There are two things will be follow when I make the logo.

First : the logo should be represented on the website.
Second : the logo should be simple.



I think Olympic-logo is very good designed keep to the above two conditions.
It’s not only simple, but also meaning is very good.

Now, it’s time to design my logo! 😀

I looked up the icons to symbolize the treasure hunt.
There were a powerful lot of icons: such as a treasure, a telescope, a compass…
And I founded a nice compass image!


Icon founded in the free license Sites

But I can’t use this directly.
If I use this right, the icon can be broken. So I have to convert it to a vector image.

스크린샷 2015-04-04 오후 1.12.51

The conversion of pixel image to the convert image

Next, I want to insert title of website under the icon.
Title is “Treasure Hunt”.
I want to use dreamy and chilly font.

스크린샷 2015-04-04 오후 2.10.03

These are selected as the candidate fonts.
Among them, I liked Mesquite Std Medium and Rosewood Std.

스크린샷 2015-04-04 오후 2.16.44

But I think Mesquite Std Medium is too small.
So I edited that. What do you think? Isn’t it pretty?


Logo of my web-site

It’s my logo of my website.


< image > – http://colorlib.com/wp/all-olympic-logos-1924-2016/ – http://imgarcade.com/1/treasure-hunt-icon/

Editing the Video

In my website, I should upload one promotion video.
So I had taken not only pictures but also short videos. And I’m going to edit the video!

If I just followed paste the video clips without editing, users will be very confused.
Because there are no description, no effect! users can’t know the video’s subject!
Therefore I have to edit the video 🙂

스크린샷 2015-04-04 오후 10.58.00 스크린샷 2015-04-04 오후 11.10.10

I used iMovie app. It’s the default app on Mac.
Of course I’ll use premier, too!

Process of editing the video

Process of editing the video

My web site’s topic is “Treasure Hunt”, so promotion video should lead to curiosity.
Therefore, I’ll make a short & attractive video!

Editing the photo

After the filming, I got a lot of satisfactory pictures. I love these.
but I can’t use directly. Why? Well, this is like the adding chili sauce and cheese powder in pizza.
More beautiful and vivid! It’s the reason of the editing photo.


Original Photo

It’s original photo. The best photos were taken with the help of a good quality camera.
But I want a photo of the heavier atmosphere.

What about make this photo to black and white?

스크린샷 2015-04-04 오후 6.54.43 스크린샷 2015-04-04 오후 6.55.04

It’s very easy!
And I made darker edges of the image using a ‘Burn tool’.
With this, heavier atmosphere is created!


Edited photo

In this way, I edited three main photos.