SWOT is not an English word.

It is one of the Marketing Strategies.
We analyze four elements (things I wrote before), and realize what I Need to.

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My Strength is documentation work and presentation.
And my weakness is design, using premiere and sound.

Though I learned design in school, I’m not good at design. My score is low 😦
And I’ve never learned using premiere and making sound.

To make up for my Weakness :

First, I have to study design.

There are many blogs which have information about design.
So I decide to study looking at blogs every day. If I’m busy, just hire good designer!
But I try to study if I can.

Second, I’m going to study harder at my premiere class.

In my school, I’m learning about using premiere!
I will prepare and review thoroughly.

Lastly, I will use free sound!

Making sound is not easy to learn in a short period of time.
So I’m going to find free sound.

There are three things threatening me.

Deadlines, English and Disease.
Perhaps more things.

I will struggle to keep the deadlines. I’m going to write diary to check up every day.
Also I’m going to struggle to improve my English. Especially SPEAKING and LISTENING.
At last, I would exercise every day to avoid disease.



To efficient work and skills to the maximum, We have to make SKILLS AUDIT.
Then we can notice what you good or poor at over write the SKILLS AUDIT.
When I wrote this, I thought this:

“I’m good at documentation work and presentation. But I need to programmer and designer. Let’s found out brilliant programmer & designer.”

If I were not wrote this, maybe I would find writer.
This is waste of talent.

Conclusion is : SKILLS AUDIT helps us make up for the weakness of each other.

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My skills audit.

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Yunhyeong’s Skills Audit

She has awesome edit skills! But I’m not.
She is poor at documentation work. But I’m good at!

So we discuss that working together.

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Soojung’s Skills Audit

Now we need nice designer. Soojung was finding director and photographer!

She and we will supplement each other.

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Jieun’s Skills Audit

Lastly, we need good programmer. Oh, She loves programming!
Maybe she will good programmer in my team.
Although other skills that she has is poor, fine!
Because we have that skills.


After I wrote skills audit, I can found people easier.

Now our team is produce! Super perfect team!