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Proposal is inform my project to someone else.

Usually project is not progress personally. So we formalize the project. It’s the proposal!
But this is also a great help personally.
While writing the proposal, we are able to think about the concept and go check the specific direction. Therefore, the proposal is very important for project creation.

The concept of my website is to discover the three treasures of Korea.
: Resentment, Hospitality and Beauty!

Because Seoul is the capital of Korea, I’ll introduce three attraction in Seoul and show the corresponding values.
The biggest difference between a homogeneous web site is show the painful history of Korea.
I don’t worry too much because Seodaemun Prison haves a lot of exhibitions and experience center. So kids also used to come often.
Moreover, other two places are very fun, so I thought it would be awesome travel to British! 😀