To create a web-site systematically, We need to plan.

About what activities should be any day or time, and what places should go first…
Production Schedule will be help you to my time management. 馃檪

鞀ろ伂毽办兎 2015-02-21 鞓ろ泟 4.36.26
鞀ろ伂毽办兎 2015-02-21 鞓ろ泟 4.29.01

鞀ろ伂毽办兎 2015-02-21 鞓ろ泟 4.30.56

鞀ろ伂毽办兎 2015-02-21 鞓ろ泟 4.31.04

鞀ろ伂毽办兎 2015-02-21 鞓ろ泟 4.39.37

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Day 1

I should go to two places this day : Seodaemun Prison History Hall and Bukchon Hanok Village. These places are close, so I’m not worried.

Because the Seodaemun Prison History Hall will be closed faster than Bukchon Hanok Village,
I decided to go Seodaemun Prison History Hall first. There will have to pay an entry fees.
So I need to prepare entry fees for two people : Me and photographer!

After filming, We will have a lunch and move to Bukchon Hanok Village.
There are two stations away from聽Dongnimmun Station. It’s so close!

In Bukchon Hanok Village, there is no need to pay an entry fee.
So I can enter freely.聽Of course, I always have to pay attention to the shooting permission!

Day 2

In this day, I simply shoot only one place. It’s Insadong!
But Insadong is very wide.

鞀ろ伂毽办兎 2015-02-21 鞓ろ泟 5.11.24

Insadong map

Can you see that? Definitely, I would tired.
So aldough聽Insadong is close to Bukchon Hanok Village, I decided to go different day.
Also, I won’t go whole Insadong. I selected some streets! :聽Ssamziegil, Cultural Street…

Day 3,4,5

After ALL shooting, It’s time to EDIT videos and photos!
These works will be performed at the office.

Gantt chart

My own Gantt chart

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Finally, it’s my Gantt-chart for making web-site.

The overall period is estimated to 9 February to 12 March.


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