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or download -> Pre Production Meeting Minute

It’s my pre-production meeting minute.

Explain this easier, it’s ‘A document organize the detail of meeting’.

Meeting is not a casual conversation. It’s conversation about our work. So we have to record and keep on file even if you feel minor. We must write this each meeting. It includes Agenda, date, time, place, participants, and the next meeting schedules as well as detail of conference.

In this meeting, we have defined the concept of our website.
Concept is compared to a root. As the solid roots create a strong tree, specific concept makes a specific website. We decided the concept without any disagreement. All members was take an active part in meeting.

In the next meeting, we’re going to communicate about video.



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or download -> CONTINGENCY PLAN

Contingency plan is PLAN B.

Not all plans can’t flow as we plan. There are a lot of risks, emergency, and situations that anyone couldn’t guess. To do when we face with them is plan B! Contingency plan 🙂


Story Board helps you to understand the product.
It often used when we create the movie, video, animation, application, web site, etc.
We have been write a lot of documents about my web site. But it was not definite because it was mostly text. So people who read my document will be bored.

Story board express my product to easy. It’s very effective when we work as a team!

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Home page

It’s my home page. Very simple, isn’t it?
My web site’s concept is [Treasure Hunt]!

Our designer will create the logo at the top. We think the calligraphy design.
And three round picture is image icon! In normal, they are opaque icon.
But we’re going to give a effect that create clearly visible when hover the mouse over them. Also, we’re considering add an lock icon.

If we click the button, we can move each web page corresponding to button’s place.

details of each menu

First, Location
Location Page

Location Page

In fact, three page’s basic structure is same.
So let’s suppose we click the Seodaemun Prison History Hall.

We can check the [Treasure Hunt] logo and designation that we clicked at the top of the web page. Also, we can see the menu bar which includes location, food, shopping, treasure.

In location page, their are representative picture and funny stories, the way to go and maps.
Representative picture will be changed each 10 seconds.

Second, Food & Shopping
Food & Shopping Page

Food & Shopping Page

In Food & Shopping page, there is the category on the left!

This includes shop’s name. If we choose one, we can check it’s information on the right. I’m going to eat, buy, shoot directly. So I can give the correct informations.

There are menu, price, grade, food picture, review and location!
And Shopping page is similar to food page!

Third, Treasure!
Treasure Page

Treasure Page

In treasure page, I’ll put the most beautiful pictures. If we click the arrow, we can see next picture. We will create the short story with them. At the end of story, we ask :

“What is the theme of this story?”

Answer is the treasure. We introduce that treasure simply.


What is the MOOD BOARD?
Mood. Board. It means the board expressing mood.

In fact, mood is very difficult to express concretely. For instance, can you express about ‘Anger’ clearly? What about mood about ‘Radiant’, ‘Softness’ and ‘Loveliness’?
Maybe in your head will be full of the moods that you want to decorate your website.
But when you try to express them, it’s so hard!

Mood board helps you clean them and express for easier viewing.

Mood Board

My Mood Board

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It’s my mood board.

I’m planning to create a web-site that introduce three locations and treasures in Seoul. So I’m going to decorate different concept and atmosphere each locations.
In addition, I’ll give the effect that will using to create clearly visible when hover the mouse over the foggy icons. Finally, I will use photos as icons.




Health and Safety Implications

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or download -> Healthy and Safety Implications

Health and Safety implications are asking the responsibility for the health and safety of employees. It’s essential to all employees. So employers have to think about the H & S implications. Because it’s directly related to employee’s lives.

We must protect employee’s who working at the office and location.
All accidents while the work is my responsibility. Therefore I have to think ahead with them.
We can get information of H & S from KOSHA (


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Risk Assessment

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or download -> RISK ASSESSMENT

Always there are risks when we work. But we can expect most risks.
So we can manage them more efficiently If we prepare the solutions.

Risk Assessment Report of the above is about my risks can occur when I work, and solutions.

It’s necessary to staff who working with me as well as me.
For safe work, we have to prevent all risks together.
So Risk Assessment Report is very important.


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Risk Assessment Form :