Almost web-sites include plentiful contents. For example : Sweet sounds, Fun videos, Lovely photos.

Why directors of web-site use a lot of materials?


Example of Good design web-site

First, Materials interest visitors in web-site.

Maybe It’s full of variety of materials will be more fun than web-sites which are consisting solely of tedious posts. Especially, young people who mainly using the web-site prefer them!

They help relieving eye strain to have a relax.

Second, they help understanding more easily.

Materials help understanding like as that we can understand easier when we see the photos than dictionary. They will help me to express my website.

Then, how do we get the materials?

Popularly, there are three ways.

First. Create your own
4. 최종 디자인

My own creation made for the project.

This way takes some times and hard way. But if you make it yourself, there will be no risk of copyright!

Second. Getting the work of others by permission
스크린샷 2015-02-12 오후 4.44.20

This is photo authorized for use.
Autor’s blog : http://blog.naver.com/ququ2021

If you find the likeable pictures in other’s web-site, you can use that pictures if you were granted permission to use. You must contact the owner of the picture and ask : “Could I use that picture?” You must get permission. And after receiving permission, you should specify the copyright. If you do not, you will get punished in violation of copyright law. It’s different from contributors. With contributors, we write release form and receive the rights to their work. But It’s not receive the rights. Just receive PERMISSION! So remember that put the author’s copyright!

Third. Using the Free License site.

This is photo downloaded from free sites ‘Gratisography’.

This is very common method. There are various free license site. If you use this site, just join (sometimes no need to join!) and find the materials can be used without having to worry about copyright issues. It’s awesome!

I want to make beautiful and full of rich materials web site.

So I need to a lot of materials. I’m going to make own calligraphy, icons, videos and photos. And it seems to be I use free sounds and some graphics. I should be careful at copyright issues.



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