In your web-site, will you only use text?

Will you blindly borrow or download the necessary pictures in free sites?

For your own photos or videos, you need to shoot somewhere. Then you do not need to waste your time to find the necessary photos.

However, where?
Where we can shoot the photos and videos?

This time, I’m going to write about the Facilities and Location.

Let’s go!



: a building or place that provides a particular service or is used for a particular industry

Facilities means a building with ceiling.
Libraries, schools, studios and markets are examples of facilities. We can use there for free or pay. I probably rent a studio to refine the data and editing the video or web-site.

Store Studio, Norway

Facilities – Office


: the place where something happens or is situated

There is a difference between location and facilities. That is location means outdoor!

Maybe filming site which I will go mainly applicable to the location.
The important thing is that the pre-investigation about shooting permits.
There are some places where shooting is prohibited. I will go Seodaemun Prison History Hall, Insadong, Bukchon Hanok Village directly to the shooting.
Prior to the shooting, inquire of shooting permission.


▲ Location – Seodaemun Prison History Hall

In this place, I can’t shoot whole place because there are some shooting is prohibited zones.


▲ Location – Insadong

From here, I can shoot in almost all areas.


▲ Location – Bukchon Hanok Village

In the village, I can shoot all areas but I can’t inside several museums.



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