Q. What is personnel & Why we need them?

They are the people who work with me as a team. I work with them.

Are you wondering why I do not work alone? Well, all people have strength and weakness.
For example, anyone programming well, but not good at design. And another very good at design, but poor at programming. What about they work with?
Maybe they can focus only their strength.

Therefore, personnel is necessary to make up for the weaknesses of each other in a team. Furthermore, it will be able to complete a more wonderful results.


My Skills Audit

But we have to do before.

As the proverb says : ’If you know your enemy and yourself, you can win every battle’,
we need to inspect our skills. We’ll find the personnel efficiently who have the skills that I don’t have.

Q. What is contributors & Why we need them?

Contributors are work with my result, but not my team. They usually work the short term.
For instance, actors who appear in my video, interviewers and photographers.

Think about it. You might not need a lot of songs. Just… one song?
In this situation, would you hire a songwriter, or request writing music to a songwriter?
You don’t need to hire him for one song. It’s quite ineffective.

For these circumstance, we need contributors.

But there is precautions to work with them. ALWAYS wrote the RELEASE FORM.
You have to get permission to owners with the Release form.
Because when copyright problem occur, it will be protect me.


Example of Release form

Here is the example.

There are many example of the release form. This seems to prove that this is so important.

I’ll write more in more detail about the Release Form in
TASK 1 – Legal Constraints.

Also I’m going to create my own Release Form and attach
TASK 2 – Artist release forms.

Now I finish the report.



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– http://www.tattooforms.com/11thhour.htm