“Oh, Hurry UP! We’re gonna be LATE!”

In life, there are many promise, deadline, etc…
Despite there was no clock before, there was promise. How?
They promise in this way :

“When the sun is rising your head!”, “When the morning glory is closing up.”

What I want to say is that the important thing is not clock! It’s promise and deadline.
You have to keep your promise. I know how well you can this!
It is the ‘TIME MANAGEMENT’ ! It’s also a subject in this report.

all right, Let’s start!


: Importance of TIME MANAGEMENT

As mentioned before, the most important thing is keeping promise and deadline.
However, there are times to say “I don’t know what to do for how to keep it!!!!!!” and despair when there are too much promises. We used to waste much time to keep these promises.
If do so, time is gone! It’s very sad story.

But, if you record and manage your ‘to do list’ and ‘ended work’,
you will be spend time more efficient.

Now do you know reason of time management and how important is it?


: Let’s MANAGE our time together!

Cool! It’s time to make a plan together.

It’s not difficulty. Just remember two things.
One is Order of Priorities, and another thing is reality!

First of all, write your all plans. Whether big or small, just write! Then, set the priorities.

Follow this : julienrio.com_eisenhower_box

  1. Urgent and important – Do it now!
  2. Important not urgent – Plan it!
  3. Urgent not important – Delegate it!
  4. Not important not urgent – Drop it!

Are you done? Was this helpful?

I’m going to make a plan in this way.
But, remember another thing : reality!
You shouldn’t make impossible plan!


: Gantt Chart!

I don’t know about Gantt Chart before, so I found this at dictionary.
The interesting thing is, dictionary said, “Gantt chart is very boring chart.”
yes, I agree.

스크린샷 2015-02-22 오전 1.01.46

Gantt chart was used in the competition of the proposal

But gantt chart is very useful to manage the plan!

Gantt chart above was made by my team member in 2014.
We were creating a competition proposal, and decided to make gantt chart.
We could understand the progress easier at that time.

I’m going to make gantt chart with excel.


: What is the deadline?

[Dictionary Definition]
A deadline is a time or date before which a particular task must be finished or a particular thing must be done.

Maybe you think this way : If you don’t save the ‘dead’line, you will ‘DIE’! 😦

Let’s think about deadline’s importance.

It’s similar to domino.

If you don’t save the deadline, another person has super damage.
Then one another person has damage, too. Then one another person, another person…
Do you understand? It’s like a domino.

Therefor, deadline is super important to the time management.


Until now, we are investigate about TIME MANAGEMENT.
It’s very important to work, study, project and our life.
I hope using time more efficient.



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