Hi, everyone. I’m the director “Jeeyeon” of project called “Treasure Hunt”.
Today, I’m here to tell you about my project. From now on, let me start my presentation.
My presentation is composed of five section :
Purpose, Task 1,2, Task 3, outcome and Q&A time.

The first subject I’d like to cover is “What is this project?” And answer is very simple.
“It’s the project that promote the Korea.” Then, who? Who need this project?
“British!” But, how? “Through Seoul trip.”
Promoting Korea through Seoul trip to the British.
It’s my project.

Speaking more concretely, my target is young British who is from 16 to 25 years old.
My web-site includes the information that how to travel around Seoul, where to eat, where to  go see interesting things, good places for shopping and cultural expectations.

So my topic is “Treasure Hunt” !
Treasure that I speaking now is not a jewels, cash, or cultural heritage.
It’s close to the spiritual things rather than physical.

I found three attractions in Seoul, and matched three mental up each location.
Three attractions what I found is first, Seodaemun Prison History Hall, second, Insadong and third is Bukchon Hanok Village.
And the treasure is “Resentment”, “Hospitality” and “Beauty”.
These will all called to speak the spirit of Korea.

For this project, I had to receive some education, and documents work.
First, I learned about income and expenditure, and create the budget.
Second, I wrote a proposal to offer my project to someone else.
After that, I create a Production schedule. This helped my shooting more smooth.
Finally, I made storyboard and moldboard for creating my web-site.

Furthermore, there were a lot of document work.
But time doesn’t allow me to, so I can’t tell you about whole document work.

It’s time to move to task 3 and overcome.

These pictures are I shot directly in accordance with the production schedule.
I took the photos and videos. And edit these by photoshop, illustrator and imovie.
In addition, I selected fonts and made a logo, image buttons.

Okay, so it’s my outcome. It’s my web-site’s home page.

These parts are main menu. And these are image button. If you click this, you can go to each page. The detail menus will be there.
These are short quiz. Such as hint to describe there three treasure!

Okay, then it’s Q&A time. Would you have a question?

Okay, thank you all for your attention.


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