Editing the design

In Task 2, I had made a mood board and storyboard.
But during the design, I felt I needed a change. So I change the basic structure and details.

1. Background

When I had made a mood board and the storyboard, I didn’t think about the background.
But I thought it’s too simple. Therefore, I decided to add the background color.





I insert the light brown color at header.

And why did I only add color at the header? not the whole page?
Well, I tried to add color at the whole page. But It was too bored.
It’s more beautiful when I insert color partially.
I think it’s very simple and comfortable to eyes 🙂

2. Font

The Wix offers many beautiful fonts ❤
But I think that using too many fonts is coming up the confusion.
So I choose three fonts.

스크린샷 2015-04-04 오후 5.33.02

Two main fonts

I love these fonts!
Overlock’s readability is perfect.
On the other hand, Nimbus Sans‘s readability is not good as overlock. But it’s very beautiful.

One minor font

One minor font

And Enriqueta’s readability and beauty is excellent.
However, Its atmosphere is not to fit properly to my website.

So I decided to use this adjectively.

3. menu

I fix the menu.


Seodaemun Prison History Hall


Bukchon Hanok Village



Location of SPHH

Location of Insadong

Location of BHV


Food of SPHH

Food of Insadong

Food of BHV

Shopping of Insadong

Shopping of BHV

Interesting things of SPHH

Interestin things of Insadong

Interesting things of BHV


Treasure of SPHH

Treasure of Insadong

Treasure of BHV

I make the each menu has same detail menu.

In the Seodaemun Prison History Hall, there is no place to go shopping.
So I remove shopping menu in the SPHH.

And add the ‘tip’ menu.

In this menu, I’m going to publish the etiquette to be observed and useful expressions.


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