스크린샷 2015-02-27 오전 3.01.57

▲ You can watch this bigger if click on it.
or download -> Pre Production Meeting Minute

It’s my pre-production meeting minute.

Explain this easier, it’s ‘A document organize the detail of meeting’.

Meeting is not a casual conversation. It’s conversation about our work. So we have to record and keep on file even if you feel minor. We must write this each meeting. It includes Agenda, date, time, place, participants, and the next meeting schedules as well as detail of conference.

In this meeting, we have defined the concept of our website.
Concept is compared to a root. As the solid roots create a strong tree, specific concept makes a specific website. We decided the concept without any disagreement. All members was take an active part in meeting.

In the next meeting, we’re going to communicate about video.


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