Second subject is Regulation!



[Dictionary Definition]

Regulations are rules made by a government or other authority in order to control the way something isdone or the way people behave.

Regulation is not as strong as the law, but never trivial.

In a football game, there are a lot of regulations such as the players should not touch the ball with hand, and play in a gentlemanly way, etc… It won’t go to jail or pay a fine even they break the regulation. Just will be simple punished like receive a yellow card.

Then regulation is not important? NO!

We can enjoy the game safely with the regulation.
Like this, regulation play a role to correct the order of our society.

There are two regulations that we can understand easily.

First, game classifications

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[PEGI] Methods of grade classification

 Before buy or play the game, we should look into the classification and content warnings. Bloody and violent game could be mentally disturbing for young children, pregnant woman and old man. But there are many adults who want to play violent game. Also, people who just enjoy playing a game the grooming of farm animals exist, too.

For these people, PEGI (Pan European Game Information) designate grades.


[PEGI] Details

Considering these, and PEGI attached a labels. There are five grades.

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[PEGI] Grade labels

 NEXT, What about Korea? Korea have game classification, too.

GRAC (Game Rating and Administration Committee) designate grades.


GRAC’s classification is similar to PEGI. Difference is no classification of 3 and 7 years of age.
They are classified as ‘Everyone’.

Second, asa

ASA is acronym for Advertising Standards Authority.

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[Dictionary Definition]

abbr ASA an independent UK body set up by the advertising industry to ensure that all advertisements complywith the British Code of Advertising Practice.

Every advertisement in UK, must obey the regulations of ASA.
In example, the ads that advertising alcohol, gambling, motoring, health and financial products are can’t be broadcasted. If ad including such content is aired, they will punished.

ASA allows the customer to make a complaint.
Audience can complain to the ASA when they find an ad including offensive content.



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